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EarthScentuals lovingly creates hand-crafted customised candles, home fragrances and decadent skincare products.

Maddie is passionately committed to the use of sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly raw materials.

Maddie has spent many years in office administration. After being made redundant in 2016, she decided to become a lady of leisure, while deciding what to do with her life.



For many years she had an interest in natural health and also skincare and beauty.  She started researching natural skincare products and learned about the many harmful ingredients that us wonderful ladies so love to slather all over ourselves.

Then one day, while having a coffee with her best friend, Google, she stumbled upon a recipe for a homemade body balm. She thought to herself: "Hey, why not try it? "

Never did she have a creative bone in her body...or so she thought!

She made the balm. It came out well. She started to research some ingredients and thought that she could most definitely create her own body moisturiser, using functional raw materials, that will actively heal and nourish the skin.

After a few false starts, numerous reformulations and endless amounts of patience, perseverance and love, Mag Magick Body Moisturiser, with Magnesium Chloride was born.

One day Maddie was reading an article about how harmful burning ordinary paraffin wax candles can be. That, just by burning a couple of candles, the air quality inside our homes, can be worse than the air quality outside.

Yes, she gave her Red Dot-bought paraffin candles the flick. But now what? It's not just the paraffin wax, it's the fragrances that are being used too.

She learned about palm wax candles through an American Facebook friend of hers. Again she thought, "Why not?"

She bought some cheap moulds, and some RSPO-certified palm wax, watched some YouTube videos (Thank you, Google.) and made her first few candles.

One day while looking at candle making tutorials on YouTube she saw someone put an image, printed on tissue paper, onto a candle. Wow! How unique. Of course, she wanted to try that.


Then tragedy struck through the unexpected death of her only child, Stuart.

Maddie created memorial candles for the funeral, but the materials she used to incorporate images onto the candle was simply not durable enough, extremely fragile things that got damaged too easily. 


She started experimenting, well, failing and failing, really. But she's a stubborn little thing. Just ask anyone who knows her!

Finally after many months of frustration she created a process that made the images more durable. And so her palm wax candle range, Memories of Light was born, as a tribute to her son, Stuart Sims.

All synthetic fragrances used in EarthScentuals candles, and other home fragrancing products are International Fragrance Association (IFRA) - certified, which means that the fragrances are created within strict guidelines for safety.

No synthetic fragrance will ever touch EarthScentuals skincare products. Only the natural scents of plants, as given by Mother Nature, fragrance  EarthScentuals Mag Magick and other skincare products.



To provide bespoke candles and home fragrance products and natural skincare and body products. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products free from nasty chemicals - Not just good for you, but good for our planet too.


EarthScentuals’ vision is to be the leading provider of bespoke novel candles, home fragrance products and natural skincare and body products.

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