Candle Care Instructions


Please follow these instructions to get the most satisfaction out of your candles.

1. Place the candle on a heat-resistant surface that will contain any spills and blow-outs. Standard pillar candle holders are not recommended, as it will not contain a blow-out.

2. Keep out of reach of small children and pets, away from flammable materials and other sources of combustion.

3. Keep out of drafts, away from air con vents, fans and open windows.

4. Before first burn, trim the wick to a length of between 3 mm - 6 mm (1/8 to 1/4 of an inch).

5. VERY IMPORTANT - Perform a Memory Burn - See the guide below.

All candle waxes retain a memory. The initial memory burn is calculated at a burn rate of 1 hour for every 2 cm of candle diameter. The initial burn is imperative to set the size of the melt pool.

A perfect melt pool for Memories of Light Custom candles is leaving about a 6 mm (1/4-inch) side wall. This size melt pool will allow for the burning candle to glow beautifully through the image on the decal.

A correctly performed memory burn will

- establish the size of the melt pool

- reduce the risk of “tunneling(When the wick burns straight down the center of the candle, without creating a full melt pool)

- extend the life of your candle

- improve the scent throw

6. Once the burn time is completed, extinguish the candle and allow it to cool down completely.

7. Before the next burn, trim the wick down to 6 mm (1/4 inch).

8. Ensure the inside of the candle is kept clear of trimmed wicks, dust and other debris.

9. Blow-Outs: (When a hole burns through the side wall of the candle, allowing the wax to spill out.)

Palm wax (like beeswax) burns hotter than other waxes, like soy. Because of the hotter burn temperature of a palm wax candle, the likelihood of a blow-out occurring is high.

This is why Maddie's EarthScentuals recommends burning your candle on a dish that can collect spilled wax.

If a blow-out occurs and the candle is still burning, with the wax safely contained, you don't necessarily have to do anything. Just allow it to continue burning.

If a blow-out occurs and the flame goes out, allow the candle to cool down completely.

Remove the excess wax. (You can use the excess wax as wax melts) Trim the wick back down to 6 mm (1/4 inch and re-light.

10. Don’t burn for longer than 4 hours at a time.

11. If you are burning more than 1 candle at a time, please ensure that lit candles are placed at least 10 cm (4 inches) apart to avoid melting and warping from the heat of neighbouring candles.


Even though every attempt has been made to make the decals as durable as possible, through the application of various layers of protective coatings, they are fragile. Please handle with care and protect from bumps, nicks and scratches to the surface of the decal.

NOTE: Decals are non-flammable.

To determine the length of the memory burn, check the batch number on the bottom of the candle for the letter M and a number (M1, M2, etc.)  Match it up to the guide below.

Standard Pillar Candle:
M1 (60mm x 100 mm) 
2 Hours 40 Minutes

Memories of Light Custom  Candle:
M1 (60mm x 100 mm) 
2 Hours 00 Minutes

Standard Pillar Candle:
M1 (60mm x 100 mm) 
2 Hours 40 Minutes

Memories of Light Custom
M2 (76mm x 115mm) 

2 Hours 40 Minutes

Flames Burning Through Decal.png