Fragrance Selection

Maddie’s EarthScentuals is passionately committed to the use of sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly raw materials.

The Power of Fragrance:


Smell invokes memories. It can transport you back to another time and place: A particular smell can carry a memory of someone special or conjure up images of a long-forgotten place.


The Nasty Side of Fragrance:


According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) there are over 3160 ingredients that make up a fragrance.


Due to loopholes in legal systems around the world, the chemicals that make up a particular fragrance don’t need to be included on the label, as every fragrance is a proprietary formula, and as such are protected as trade secrets.


All fragrances (synthetic, as well as natural) releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)... basically "smells"


Some of the chemical compounds that make up these "smells" are harmful to us, our pets and the environment. They can cause cancer, act as endocrine disrupters, become bio-accumulative in the environment and a host of other negative effects.


Maddie's EarthScentuals candle and home fragrancing product ranges are fragranced using both synthetic fragrances and/or natural fragrance oils.

Synthetic Fragrances:

All synthetic fragrances are certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). An IFRA - certified fragrance guarantees that all fragrances are manufactured using safe usage percentages and none of the harmful compounds that can make up a fragrance.

Natural Fragrances:

Natural fragrances are generally made from ingredients harvested from sustainably grown plants. They mainly consist of natural isolates which is a single chemical isolated from a plant that contains a particular smell. These aromatic raw materials are usually obtained through distillation, expression and extraction much like essential oils. Natural fragrances are complex compositions of natural aromatic raw materials such as essential oils, isolates, resins, distillates and extracts. Each are skilfully combined by perfumists and blended together, to produce the desired end smell.

Maddie's EarthScentuals Skincare Range:

No artificial fragrances are used in Maddie's EarthScentuals skincare ranges. The wonderful scents come with love from Mother Nature, as certified organic and non-organic essential oils and raw materials.

Fragrance Selection Guide:

Cashmere, Musk and Freesia

A beautiful sweet, pink musky fragrance reminiscent of pungent floral bouquets

but with sweet Pink Musk overtones

Top notes: Chamomile, Bergamot, Freesia

Mid notes: Rose crystals, White flowers, Tonka

Dry notes: Sandalwood, Cashmere Musk, Vanilla.

Eucalyptus and Spearmint


Light musk weaves an exotic base for herbal notes of eucalyptus, fresh spearmint, and peppermint leaf.

Lemon Myrtle


Maddie's EarthScentuals has a couple of favourite fragrances. This is one of them. 

Green herbal notes combined with light citrus notes create this wonderful Lemon Myrtle scent.

Montego Bay

Experience the smells of the island.

This exotic fragrance is a beautifully blended concoction of Mint, Apple, Clove, Geranium, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus.

Rose and Cedar Natural Fragrance Oil

The first definite top note is a subtle rose scent, but the longer you smell the more you can define the citrus and berries in this natural floral fragrance.

Top notes of Bergamot, Red berries.
Middle notes of Rose, Clove leaf.
Base notes of Cedarwood, Amyris.