Image Criteria

Technical Requirements

  • Ensure image are of a high resolution. Please refrain from upscaling too small images, because of unavoidable blurring.

  • Images require enough background to allow for editing. Do not crop images. However, if an image is too closely cropped, it might still be usable, but only if it is added to a coloured background. This works very well for a design that has text added.


Notice the lack of enough background in the image to safely crop the image to fit on the decal, resulting on the image being placed on the coloured background.

  • Note that if you select the option to add wording to your candle, your image will be placed onto a suitable coloured background, as shown in the image above.

  • Brighter images displays better on the candle. Avoid images that are too lightly coloured.


Maddie's EarthScentuals - License to use

  • By uploading your images, you agree that the image on the final product can be used for advertising and marketing purposes.


  • Maddie's EarthScentuals will do a limited amount of editing and cropping of your image to resize it to fit on the decal.

  • Maddie's EarthScentuals accepts no responsibility for the quality of your original images.

  • No refunds or returns will be offered for candles that look below par, due to low quality original images.

This image is too close up and overexposed.

Also too close with too much light in the background.