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Candle Care Instructions

To get the best out of your candle, we recommend that you read the Candle Care Instructions

guide, before you use your new candle. 

Actual burn time of our candle products depends on a number of ambient factors therefore the times given are approximate. All product dimensions are to the nearest mm and are subject to change without notice.

Image Criteria

Technical Requirements

​Please ensure you follow the instructions on our Image Criteria page to get the most satisfaction out of our Custom Candle ranges.

Image Criteria Disclaimer

  • Maddie's EarthScentuals will do a limited amount of editing and cropping of your image to resize it to fit on the decal.

  • Maddie's EarthScentuals accepts no responsibility for the quality of your original images.

  • No refunds or returns will be offered for candles that look below par, due to low quality original images.

Maddie's EarthScentuals - License to use

  • By uploading your images, you agree that the image on the final product can be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

  • Please email images to Uploads@MaddiesEarthScentuals.com


Fragrances, Essential Oils and Skincare Products

Contact your health care professional if you are pregnant before using any fragrances or essential oils or any product on this website. It is the responsibility of the customer to research thoroughly any product bought intended for topical use and possible side effects or allergic reactions any products might cause. All products, fragrances and oils may cause reactions in some people.  

Shipping and Delivery

We ship through Australia Post to most places in Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.


Please email us for a shipping quote to other destinations.


All Maddie's EarthScentuals products are individually and lovingly hand-crafted.  Occasionally an extra 5 - 7 days may be required to produce a fresh batch of products. Every attempt will be made to keep manufacturing delays to a minimum.